My Favorite Way to Wear a Statement Midi Skirt

There are some pieces of clothing I come across that are just..."out there". Pieces that seem just so fun for one-time wear (probably for some kind of themed costume event), then never show up to see the light of day again. Exhibit A: this flamingo printed skirt. At first glance, it seemed a bit too costume-y and flamboyant, but when I thought about it some more, my heart just told me I had to have it. I love the challenge of making a fun, "out there" piece feel more wearable for the every day gal like myself. Here's how I did it with this skirt!


Flouncy Floral Dress at Grizzelda's

The end of the school year is here, and for many, that means lots of festivities, including graduation parties, weddings, and end-of-the-year get-togethers. There are few dresses that make me really feel like "me", but boy, this one sure does it! Flouncy and feminine, this $45 floral printed dress is exactly what I've been looking for in a go-to dress for all the upcoming celebrations this season.


Why a Bouncy Chair Might Be Your Perfect Seating Option

venn design bouncy chair

Can you believe finals are right around the corner? I've been ramping up my study time, and today, I'm introducing you to the one thing I've been sitting on at my desk: my spherical, upholstered chair from Venn Design. A round chair...not exactly your typical seating option, right? After a few months of experimenting, I am so excited to finally share my thoughts with you about this unconventional seating option and why I think it's worth it to make the switch to a bouncy chair.

46 Highlighter Pink Pieces to Embrace This Spring

bright pink spring

Here we meet again, neon pink! While I love that blush and muted pink have saturated store racks and online shops this spring, finding the right shade of muted pink has proven to be a challenge. My skin tone most obviously sits on the warmer, more yellow side of the spectrum, so many popular pink shades in this season's clothing pieces make my skin look washed-out and dirty. Just...unflattering on me, which I wish wasn't the case, since muted pink can look so chic on others! (Please tell me I'm not alone here!) 

An alternative pink for spring 2017? A bright, highlighter pink!


The Best Apps to Use for Planning Your Next Trip

If there's anything I pride myself in, it's planning for my travels and staying organized during my trips. I started traveling alone by plane when I was 13 and since then, I've been incredibly fortunate to go on a few trips alone each year to different cities, countries, and continents. After a few years of traveling by myself, I've realized the better I plan for my travels, the better I utilize the time on my trips to eat/see/do everything I want in a short amount of time. I rely on a few favorite phone apps to plan and organize my travels, and I'm so excited to share them with you in this post.

The Best Apps for Planning Your Next Trip