7 Simple Dorm Organization Ideas | H-E-B

burnt orange dress (under $45!) | hook em garland c/o @ohhappydaybooth

One thing I take major pride in is organization. There are few things I love more than being organized and staying organized! Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just cleaning up. From living in a dorm room for the last two years, I can say for a fact that there's not a whole lot of room. It takes some planning to know where you want your things, but once you have a method, it sticks! I've teamed up with my favorite local Texas grocery store, H-E-B, in a three-part dorm series to showcase some of their fresh products from dorm organization to college food. To kick things off, I'm sharing seven simple dorm organization ideas. Keep scrolling!

Color code everything.

The key to an organized closet is knowing what you have and making sure everything visible to you. Anyone guilty of finding unworn clothes in the back of your closet? Yeah...me too, y'all. Me too. Though I love my clothing rods, I keep most of the clothes I don't mind getting wrinkled in drawers. I'm a huge fan of rolling each piece of clothing, because it not only conserves space, it also helps you display your clothes well by color. For shirts, I fold 'em into thirds then roll 'em up. For pants, I fold 'em in half and roll. And underwear? No college student has time to fold underwear. I absolute love these $14 drawer organizers. They changed my life - seriously. Once I finish laundry, I just stuff each underwear into its own compartment and voila! Clean, organized, fast, visually appealing, and visible to me. I also use these chic drawer liners to protect my drawers.

Use the same hangers.

Using the same color hangers streamlines everything! I love these non-slip hangers, because I can rest assured knowing that my clothes won't fall off, and I don't have to pick them up off the floor. Plus, I really love this teal color!

Utilize a shoe hanger and shoe boxes.

I'm really fortunate to have two closets in my dorm room, so I've been using one for my clean clothes and linens and the other for shoes and dirty laundry. I love this hanging shoe organizer from H-E-B, because it's so convenient to reach for all my most-worn shoes. I also found these 5-quart shoe boxes from H-E-B that are perfect for storing my nicer shoes.

Use acrylic organizers for your makeup and school supplies.

I love the clear and chic look of clear acrylic organizers. They're extremely durable, easy to clean (even though mine are a bit dirty...hehe), and they give the illusion of more space. I use this large acrylic makeup organizer for my most used beauty products and the clarity stacking acrylic drawers for more beauty supplies.

Use storage containers for clean linens and laundry supplies. 

These large nest stack crates from H-E-B are perfect for my extra towels, washcloths, sheets, and laundry supplies. I love being able to consolidate all my clean things into one place, so I can easily reach for anything I need to have clean towels and sheets.

Label everything.

Invest in a label maker. No money for that? Washi tape is your new BFF. Not only is it great for decorating, it's also a great way to temporarily label your things. Write on it, stick it on, and remove it whenever you need. So easy!

Find a laundry basket that suits your needs.

I know that all of us have different laundry preferences and needs. I have a few options for y'all. For you minimalists, this pop-up flip option from H-E-B is 2-in-1, great for multipurpose use of a hamper and laundry basket. For you ladies that are picky about laundry like me, I love this 3 compartment pop-up hamper to separate whites, lights, and darks. And of course, we can't forget laundry bags. If you're not into hand-washing your bras, at least use a laundry bag to protect your delicates. We definitely don't need them to be eaten up by the washing machine! (It's happened before.)

I hope all of you enjoyed the first part of this new series. Stay tuned for the next two installments coming very soon. Up next: my dorm room tour. As always, you can shop all the items plus some extra dorm favorites in "my dorm room" under the "Shop" section of the site. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Photography by Joyce Tong

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3 Travel Skincare Tips | Pour Moi Beauty

After returning from a month-long trip, it's been so nice being home. There's really nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Seriously. I'm super excited today, because I've teamed up with Pour Moi Beauty to share some of my favorite travel skincare tips and their very own climate-driven skincare line: a line of products that adapts to the climate you're in when you travel! Genius much? For you Bella Insider readers that are constantly on the move, keep reading. These products might be your saving grace.

Pour Moi Beauty | The Bella Insider

I go to Southern California almost every summer, and my skin is never happy there. Compared to my hometown of Houston, Texas, their weather is much drier than the typical 95% humidity I experience during the summer. My skin and lips get super itchy, and it's no fun at all! I'm no skincare expect, but I can definitely attest to my skin not being happy because of the weather. Here are some tips for you ladies traveling to a place with a different climate:

1. Hydrate.
For you coffee drinkers, I know how hard it is to not have that morning cup. But really, your skin needs more than topical hydration through masks and moisturizers. Somehow, you need to find a way to intake more water. Try going lighter on the coffee, soda, and alcohol, and find a way to get more water in your system.

2. Be careful about airport food.
Airport/airplane food isn't typically skin-friendly. Try eating or packing your own meal before you take off for your flight - one that's rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins. Think lean protein, loads of veggies, and lots of color! If you eat a healthy meal, you're bound to start your travels on a happy stomach and avoid the fast food at the airport! If you really can't resist, try getting something lighter like a fruit parfait or crudités with dip.

3. Pack skincare products that suit the climate.
Your skin is as ready as your beauty bag, so be sure to do your research and know the climate you'll be in for your travels. Know you're going to a place where you might get sunburned? Bring on the sunscreen and aloe vera-packed products! Know you're going to be in a cold climate? Make sure to pack your favorite hydrating mask. (GLAMGLOW thirstymud and Origins Drink Up are two of my favorites!) How about humid and sticky climate? Get that exfoliator ready!

One thing I love about Pour Moi Beauty is that it takes a lot of the guess work out of Tips #1 and #3. The products are super customizable for your skin, because the climates we live in are different, and we're all different, right? Here's how I've been incorporating Pour Moi into my skincare routine:

Pour Moi Beauty | The Bella Insider

The first thing I do is use the Hydrating Balancer after washing my face with my favorite super gentle Cerave hydrating cleanser. Does anyone else love those one touch pump dispensers at the Sephora tester stations? This Hydrating Balancer has that same dispenser, which makes it so much fun to use. I absolutely love how clean my skin feels after using this. And the texture of the product is unlike any other, much like a mix between a toner and moisturizer.

Pour Moi Beauty | The Bella Insider

The next step I take is layer on the Black Serum or White Serum. Pour Moi offers two serums, because each one is good for different skin types. The Black Serum works well for me on most days, because my skin is very dry. The White Serum is better for those with oily skin. I've kept that one tucked away for now until my skin decides to change on me. The serums are super light, absorb quickly, and I only needed a small amount to cover my face.

Pour Moi Beauty | The Bella Insider

Now for the fun part. Pour Moi offers four Day Creams for the various climates listed above. The climate you're in determines the Day Cream you should use, so I was ecstatic when I read "hot and humid" on the first bottle. For you Houston folks, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The Tropical Climate Day Cream leaves my skin feeling moisturized and doesn't break me out, but it does take a little longer to absorb. My California tripped called for the Desert Climate Day Cream! If you plan on traveling to multiple places with different climates, I recommend putting these guys in smaller travel containers. (These Gotubb travel containers are my absolute favorite!)

Pour Moi Beauty | The Bella Insider

Pour Moi also offers a Night Cream that's good for all climates, so it's very simple to travel with. It absorbs quickly, and it's super gentle!

If you're interested in shopping more of Pour Moi's unique climate-driven products, their online store can be found right here. For you seasoned travelers, share your favorite skincare tips below! I'm always up for learning and trying out new things.

And a few more exciting announcements! You can now shop my dorm room, my favorite school supplies, and some perfect UT game day dresses on the right. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading, and I hope you're having a great week. Say a little prayer for me. I'll be packing up my stuff and hittin' the road to Austin tomorrow!

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July Favorites

bougainvillea in Downtown Los Angeles | The Bella Insider

stacked pink bougainvillea in Downtown Los Angeles

Well, hello! It's been a long few weeks away from The Bella Insider! How have you been? I was super excited to write this month's monthly favorites. With lots of new friends around here that are unfamiliar with my "monthly favorites", this series on the site is not only a way for me to share some of my most memorable moments/products/sights of the month, but it's also a way for me to chat with y'all a bit and get you caught up on real life happenings.

I had quite the month in sunny California fighting two colds and a stomach bug! Despite the sicknesses, I was able to focus on myself, make sweet memories with friends, and regain sight + re-prioritize my life before going back to school. Many of you have been keeping up with my travels via the hashtag #SawahInCali, and I so appreciate that I was able to chat with y'all there. July is always such a bittersweet month for me, because it's my favorite time of the year, but it also marks the end of summer break. Considering this is probably my last real summer break ever, it was extra bittersweet! 

Although I'm still partial to our Texas skies, the Southern California sunsets were a beautiful reminder to slow down and reflect on things to be thankful for during the day. But note to self before my next West-coast trip: bring more sunscreen! My legs are tanner than they've been in many, many years! With August already in full-swing, college move-in is fast-approaching and the back-to-school excitement and nerves are kicking in! Be sure to stay tuned, because lots of new and exciting content and announcements are coming your way. Until then, I can't let these photos from July go unnoticed. (Better late than never, right?) Here we go with some of my favorites: 

pink sunset in Huntington Beach, CA | The Bella Insider

dreamy Huntington Beach sunsets

Vancouver ladies | The Bella Insider

Unexpectedly meeting @chuuenen + @xoxchu: the fashion/travel/food-loving sister duo from Vancouver  

Arlington Gardens | The Bella Insider

beautiful, stowed-away Arlington Garden in Pasadena, CA 

Huntington Beach | The Bella Insider

clear skies + blue waters perfect for surfing and boogie boarding

Huntington Beach | The Bella Insider

cotton candy skies after the Vans US Open of Surfing

I'm excited to be back home, y'all. There's nothing like sleeping and waking up in your own bed! Be sure to check back this week for some new beauty and fashion posts and some extra exciting announcements on my Instagram. Have a wonderful day!

White Pom-Pom Top

Are any of you familiar with diy pom-poms? Fun fact: they've been one of my favorite crafts to make ever since I was a kid! I used to find any reason to cut out scrap pieces of cardboard lying around the house and hit up the yarn aisle of the craft store to make them for room decorations! But whoever thought to put pom-poms on clothes is a genius. Pom-poms are just so fun, don't you think? This white off-the-shoulder pom-pom top is so affordable and totally worth spending on for a fun summer night or even a beach cover-up!

I love me some white tops, because they're so summery and pair with almost any bottoms in your closet. This pom-pom top is especially fun with its bell sleeves and cute + colorful mini pom-poms! The flowy cut is seriously so airy and comfortable to wear. I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans and navy earrings for a sushi dinner at Maiko in Austin, but it would look just as cute with white capris, tucked into some jeans shorts, or even over a swimsuit for a fun little cover-up that can transition perfectly for dinner afterwards! Talk about versatility!

TOP pom pom off-the-shoulder (only $23!) | JEANS 7 for all mankind (similar here and here on sale!) | BAG h&m | SHOES nude emmie flats (comes in lots of colors!) | SUNGLASSES sold out (similar linked here) | EARRINGS kendra scott navy elle 

Whether it's a festive summer night, a tropical destination, or lazy day at the pool or beach, this pretty top is perfect for a just little more summer fun! Have you tried the pom-pom trend? If you have, let me know down below! I'd love to know your favorite way to wear them! I'm half way through my California vacation, so be sure to check back very soon for my regular postings on Tuesday and Thursday! Until then, follow along with #SawahInCali if you're interested in some travel inspiration of sunny skies and blue seas. Have a great week, y'all!

Photography by Kelly Rice


Sarah's College Survival Guide: The Five Pairs of Shoes You Need To Bring

Ladies, I totally understand the struggle when it comes to packing for college - especially when it comes to shoes! With limited space in a dorm room closet, it's a good idea to narrow down your shoe collection to your most essential pairs. To help you in your packing endeavors, I'm bringing you five pairs of shoes you need for college with lots of options - some with exciting discounts from the #NSale, marked with the * sign for amazing markdown prices and free shipping + returns. Here are my five recommendations on what to bring:

The Five Pairs of Shoes You Need for College | The Bella Insider

A classic black, floral-patterned, or sunny yellow colored pair of boots are perfect for those days when it's pouring outside, and you still need to walk to class. I like mine tall, so my legs stay protected and I'm free to splash in puddles, but shorter options are super chic and stylish! Pair 'em under jeans, with a fun skirt, or black leggings, and you're ready for a rainy day.

Click on each item or use the links below the collage to shop

Class presentations, future interviews, you name it! You're gonna need a pair. A conservative pointy toe black 2.5" pump is a safe choice, but I love interesting details like a sweet gold heel or fun tassels. I'm especially eyeing on these nude cutout pointy toe pumps. See below for more options!

Click on each item or use the links below the collage to shop

A versatile pair of sandals is my shoe of choice for transitioning from class to a coffee date with girlfriends or a dressier event after class. Simple nude sandals are sure to match with everything, but I also love metallic ones for a dressier alternative. Another great option is a colorful pair to dress up a plain tee + jeans for class or match a colorful dress for the weekend. 

Click on each item or use the links below the collage to shop

While some prefer skinny pumps, I live by wedges and chunkier heels for the weekend, because they give me extra height for nights out while still being comfortable. They're casual enough for breakfast, but also dressy enough for church or a dinner date. A true must-have!

Click on each item or use the links below the collage to shop

Sneakers are a college girl's most popular choice of shoes, because they're comfortable and practical. A good pair will bring you from workouts at the gym straight to your walk to class. I love a bright pair of shoes that make me feel just a bit better on those mornings I need a pick-me-up. Here are lots of deals down below:

Click on each item or use the links below the collage to shop

I hope you enjoyed reading my picks about the pairs of shoes every college girl needs! I had a blast finding these deals for you. Don't forget that any items marked with a * sign will raise in price on August 8th. Comment down below for any of your shoe suggestions on what to bring! On a more personal note, many apologies for the sudden hiatus on the site. With lots of things happening on my California trip, I'm taking a quick break and enjoying the sunshine! I can't wait to share more pictures from my trip under the hashtag #SawahInCali! Be sure to check back next week for some fun weekend wear. Have a wonderful day!