Love at First Sight

In a way, my "Love at First Sight" posts are kind of like mini "Lust Lists", which are things that catch my eye and I really love at first glimpse, and then look further in depth about that certain subject, item, or piece, I end up loving it so much, it goes on my wishlist.

The first piece is actually a jewelry holder that I came across online on the Urban Outfitters website. It looks like such a whimsical, fun way to display jewelry and it's sort of reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland!

Urban Outfitters Stacked Cup Jewelry Stand
I think NARS did a good job of finally putting their three very popular products (Orgasm, Albatross, and Laguna) together in a nice palette. They actually put smart sizes of each product, such as the bronzer being bigger than the blush, and the highlighter being the smallest. This seems more logical in a way, because most people use much more bronzer than blush, and more blush than highlighter. I don't know if I'm a huge fan of the zip-up packaging, but it is a great buy for portability and three iconic powders in one.
NARS Blush Bronzer Trio
 I really don't know what my obsession is with Urban Outfitters lately, but I found the coolest L.B.D. as well. If this isn't a little black dress, then I don't know what is. It is a little short for my liking, but I love that it's body-hugging and has a sweetheart neckline. The most interesting part of the dress is the really cool surprise in the back. I also love the floral Motel Printed Lesley dresses!

Urban Outfitters Motel Lesley Dress

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