When I Think of Summer, I Think Of...

Turks and Caicos Islands
{Turks and Caicos Islands}

This week has been generally relaxed. After visits to the doctor concerning my ankle, I'm just glad I have days to wake up mid-morning and have an easy afternoon. I really cherish those days I get to spend quality time with my mom strolling around town, have a good book to read, or keep up with the dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, with my younger sister, which is why summer is always a little more special to me. (By the way, I'm rootin' for Melanie Moore!) I made a list of 10 pairs of things I think of when it comes time for summer, so hopefully I am reminded of days like these and they can last longer.

1. Salt-beachy waves and loose side braids.
2. Blue water and white sand.
3. Light dresses and oversized shades.
4. Hot weather and air-conditioning.
5. Hammocks and beachy reads.
6. Flip-flops and coral-painted toes.
7. Citrus and fruity florals.
8. Pineapples and mangoes.
9. Boardwalks and antique shops.
10. Lauren Conrad and her California, sun-kissed skin.

What are your pairs?

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  1. I am so with you on the dresses, over-sized shades, and antique shops! :) This is why I adore summer!