Love at First Sight

neon + floral
Picture via Pinterest
Although I know many people that have a thing for neon, I've only recently started warming up to the idea of wearing crazy brights. I absolutely love vintage floral patterns, so seeing the two paired together in the picture above gave me hope that there is a possibility to have the best of both worlds. This more modern peplum skirt contains small doses of the bright, highlighter orange, which I think is the perfect way to harmonize the two otherwise contrasting ideas - floral and neon. It's bold, but still feminine. 

A friend linked this site over to me and I couldn't believe what I was seeing - caviar nails?! Although having the thought of fish eggs stuck on my fingertips seems less than appetizing (unless you like that kind of thing), these whimsical 3-D nails are so much fun to look. Plus, I like to think they look like nonpareil sprinkles.

Photographed by Enrique Menossi ; via Desire to Inspire
The epitome of easy, breezy living. It's obvious I'm longing for summer.

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