Some Random Things About Sarah

I thought it'd be fun to share some random (and maybe weird) facts about me.

1. I'd rather be warm than cold.
2. I love making lists.
3. I can eat things with gum still in my mouth.
4. My favorite colors? Coral, turquoise, green, and purple.
5. I'm waiting to go here.
6. I only order two things at Starbucks: Iced Tazo Green Tea or a Chai Latte (that is until their holiday drinks come out...)
7. I am sure I sing better than I play the piano.
8.  I'm really good at mindlessly eating.  
9. Sunscreen is now one of my best friends.
10. I laugh obnoxiously loud and smile a lot, because I find many things funnier than they really are.

Anything specific you want to know? Message me!

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