Peanut Butter Cookies

Though I didn't eat many Nutter Butters growing up, I would always find myself infatuated with the perfectly-shaped, crisp, nutty cookie sandwiches when I did have them on rare occasion. I was so intrigued by this recipe, I wanted to make them as soon as possible, because they just looked that good.

In my attempt of making some of my own, a few things went wrong. Besides the usual mess in the kitchen, I realized I didn't have enough all-purpose flour, accidentally put only half the amount of butter called for in the recipe, and on top of that, I made the dough balls way too large to put any kind of filling in the middle to eat the supposed "cookie sandwich" properly. Ha!

 I solved the flour issue by mixing all-purpose flour with cake flour, which is finer in texture. And in regards to the butter, I let it slide just to see how to cookies would turn out. Thankfully, I didn't end up seeing or tasting any issues and they turned out into crisp, but still chewy, peanut butter cookies shaped into cute peanuts. Though I still want to give the Nutter Butters recipe a second go, this altered recipe will be a keeper. Sometimes baking experiments can turn into wonderful creations!

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