Belated Birthday Paddleboarding

Hi, friends! I had quite the fun and eventful week. Because I didn't have any exams these last few days, I took advantage of my time away from studying for exams by going to ACL Music Festival on Sunday, having an awesome girls night in on Thursday, and taking a belated birthday paddleboarding trip yesterday on Town Lake with my roommate and sweet neighbors from last year. 

paddleboard experience review austin
{best neighbors/roommate!}

Let me explain. These three girls were so nice to send me gifts through the mail on my birthday in July. In the box, I got a handmade "redeemable for paddleboarding/kayaking trip" coupon with them anytime I wanted and we were all available. It's been stuck on my wall with washi tape since I moved in so I'm so happy we all were able to get together to go yesterday.

stand up paddleboarding austin
{view of the city}

We left at around 9:45 am so by then, it was already quite hot since the sun was out. It was a short drive to the lake and even though we had a little trouble finding parking, we were able to find a place in walkable distance. We signed a waiver, payed the Friday-Sunday weekend fee, and got a quick lesson on how to paddleboard after we got our life jackets, paddles, and boards. This was my first time ever to go paddleboarding so I was nervous about how I would stand up on the board without falling into the water.

stand up paddleboard austin reviews
{the girls in front}

The only trouble I had with paddleboarding was figuring out how to turn around, but once my roommate showed me how, it was no issue at all. Also, I realized I kept tensing up my feet so I had to take kneeling breaks or else my feet would fall asleep. But overall, the whole process was easier than I expected. I had a blast! It was so peaceful on the water and I loved the views of the trees and the city of Austin. 

stand up paddleboard austin review
{taking a quick sitting break}

I am so excited to go again as a nice break from studying. Thank you to these girls for the birthday paddleboarding extravaganza. It was worth it - even if I had to rush to class in these clothes and swimsuit. :) I hope all of you have a great weekend and do something fun outdoors!

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